Opinions Aren’t Facts Sis

So Last week I wrote a post on my Insta story saying: 

A few people messaged me the usual “yassss” “girlllllll” “Say it louder “ comments. You know us black women LIVE for those comments.

WELL HUNNAY it’s so true. Over the past 6 months my eyes have been opened.

Let me explain something to you guys really quick. A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE INTIMATED BY PEOPLE WHO KNOW Themselves and HONESTLY LOVE THEMSELVES. The key thing here for me is “honestly love themselves” not this fake insta love, with fitting captions to match (People can see right through that sis).

But when you know who are, what you stand for and UN-APOLOGETICALLY you. People get real frosty. They might even start picking fights with you and shit.

So here are a few tips on how to be un-apologetically you:

  • First of all, fuck them hoes… (I’m playing). But no seriously get rid of all the extra noise that is not supportive to you or the woman you are destined to be.
  • Opinions aren’t facts take them in and let it go
  • Don’t ever let people who are more time worse off than you tell you how to live.
  • Be you, embrace you and Surround yourself with people who love YOU.
  • Help and build other women up because let’s face it. There is room for everyone at the Top.

Remember “A woman who is truly confident enough with herself is able to acknowledge the confidence and beauty of another.”




You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

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Guess who’s back, back back. Back again =D meeeee with another book review. If I’m honest I read a great deal, however not all books are worth reviewing.  On the other hand this bad boy is. This review is going to be short and sweet… So let’s get right into it.

This is a well written book, Jen Sincero had a light hearted approach (Which I loved, not everyday heavy heavy). You Are a Badass should be a compulsory book for everyone, from people who lack self-confidence to the ones who just need a little booster! Personally I’m both. Let me be quite frank with you all when I read this book, your girl was at the lowest point like ever!! Like you know when you have a broken spirt and left with 1,000 unanswered prayers. I know what I’m great at, however I lack the confidence, zeal to push myself to go and concur my dreams. It’s weird because I’m such a cheerleader for everyone else .

I appreciate how she open she is, Sincero gives the readers an real insight into her life. Every moment she experienced fear, felt alone etc. She really does lays it out for you with real examples so you can envision yourself achieving even more. At times when your reading self-help books, the author doesn’t always talk about their own personal struggles, so sometimes it makes it hard to carry out.

Honestly there are wonderful tips in this book. If you are serious about changing your outlook on life I highly recommend you begin with this book. It will give you the kick up the bum you need. It will help you tap into your inner creativity for growth. It’s had such a positive effect on me, I’ve started believing in myself more. Taking active  steps to achieve what I want. 

I know life wont be a walk in the park.  I will be keeping this book on the shelf to read again if I ever start doubting my greatness. Also to remind myself that I am a badass.

Side note : This review was kept short for the simple fact I want you guys to experience the greatness that this book has to offer. If I give you all the gems it will be very watered down. So just go read for your self Iyah





May favourite: Menstrual Cup

If you’ve read the title you know what to expect. I’m going to candid in this review. As it currently stands I’ve only used the Mooncup for one cycle. So let’s get into it.

The reason why I chose to leave the world of Tampons behind is because I’m on a journey of trying to have healthy insides and I do believe there are so many benefits of switching.

Some are:

Gentle: it’s Latex-free, hypoallergenic and containing no dyes, perfumes, BPA, plastic, bleaches or toxins. Unlike tampons its ideal if you have allergies.

Convenient– you can wear it straight for 8 hours. The first day I tried out this bomb product I inserted it at 7pm. Changed it at 10pm then I changed it the following morning at 8am. But obviously if you have a heavier flow please change it more often.

Obviously MONEY is a big incentive as Tampax pearls used to cost me so much money per cycle. The Mooncup is good for like 6-8 months.

I was very excited about trying this product. It came in a little cardboard box with an instruction booklet, a little pouch to put the Mooncup in & the Mooncup itself.

Related image

To my surprise the Mooncup  went in with such ease. At first I was hesitant as it looked MASSIVE and my walls are hella tight. It’s pretty much the same as inserting a tampon. It has a tail on the bottom of it which can be cut to your personal preference. I personally kept mine the original length as I thought it would be easier to locate. When you remove the Mooncup the outside it’s very clean as all the blood is contained inside the cup. I will warn you guys that you need to hold it upright with your dear life. Otherwise, my G you will have a crime scene if you drop it. Ladies I’m not going to lie the first time when I took it out I was staring at my blood. Like I’ve never seen it look so pure before.  Then you literally flush the blood down the toilet, rinse it or wipe it and reinsert it. For me the best way to insert it is sitting down on a toilet and relaxing.

Ladies It is a lot more comfortable to wear once inserted. Like I couldn’t feel a thing. Unlike a tampon when full, if you cough you can feel it.

The downsides are: It’s not suitable if you haven’t had sex, unbroken hymen or never used a tampon.

If you’re in a public toilet where the sink is outside, you have to wipe the cup out rather than wash it. Which I hated doing.

So ladies that was my very first ever experience trying the Mooncup. I honestly hope this post has been informative. I do believe in this product, and it’s my honest review of it. Also I hope you guys will try it. I know I’ve got some of my pals very keen to try it.


If you already use it let me know your experience I would love to hear from you guys. So until next time.

So until next time my lovelies, I’m signing out.

Vee Chronicles

The Coldest Winter Ever

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But Here

Hi, everyone and welcome back. I just want to take this time out to thank you for continuous support of Vee Chronicles. The first few posts; I wanted you guys to understand and get to know me so I opted to write on subjects that were close to my heart. However, it’s time to switch it up!

The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah was recommended to me by one of my friends called Daniel. A couple of my other friends had mentioned it to me in the past saying it’s one of their favourite books. Sister Souljah is recognised for being a Hip-hop recording artist, a film producer plus many other things.  Her writing style is very raw, vulgar and could be seen as offensive.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I swear, but the foul language had me covering my eyes.

Main Body Of The Book

The Coldest Winter Ever has been based in and around the Brooklyn area. Winter Santiaga is the daughter of a big time drug dealer Ricky Santiaga. We first meet Winter when she’s a young child and we follow her journey through her adolescent years. Winter was such a lost child. But she 100% thought she had her shit together. For the reason that she had all the heels, everyone on the block was scared of her; she had a gang who would ride out at the drop of the hat. Winter had men and lots of them (trust me on that) she would meet a guy and fuck him on the same day. Her morals were undoubtedly questionable; she was conceited in addition to spoiled rotten, but enjoyed living life as a pampered princess.

Santiaga moved his family out of the projects and into a big lavish house in Long Island but that’s when things started to disintegrate.  Even through all of that winter remained strong and listened to everything her dad had taught her. For example, how to remain strong be ahead of the game all that good stuff. Things started to break for her when she when to visit Santiaga at Rikers Island she discovered he had a mistress that was not much older than her who had a baby boy. That was the first time she felt any hate towards her daddy.

Being the ruthless bitch that she is, Winter sets out to live life on her. As she was heavily influenced by the drug world Winter was very obsessed and attracted to money, power coupled with being in control. She tried to think of ways to rebuild her father’s empire. Winter made all the wrong moves she stole and deceived people who helped her. She went out of her way to find men to look after her, but they only wanted one thing from her that was her body.


Sister Souljah herself appears as a “fictional” character in the book. I actually really liked the fact she did that. Her character was basically a voice of reason and help. What I enjoyed most  about the book most was the fact Sister Souljah imparts different lessons. Such as:

Friendships: The relationships you have with your friends and acquaintances can be very detrimental to you. At times, admittedly its hard to know the difference. But having people around you who aren’t real can literally kill your soul.

Womanhood: What i learnt from Winters mum was that as a woman you need to have you own. It’s such a lital thing. Once a man leaves, what will you have for yourself. If everything is in his name, money, car, the house et.and God forbid he goes jail or leave you for a younger model. What will you do. I’ve seen it happen so many times to people around me too many times. you must be able to sustain yourself with out a man, because they really aint shit.

Fathers: I honestly believe they have the best intentions. Sometimes they just don’t get it right, which is a hard pill to swallow. When our fathers disappoint us we look in all the wrong directions to fill that void. To be that “daddy figure”  Sister Souljah depicts how destructive this can be to ones self.

I do believe that Winter’s voice is shared by many people of today whether it be male or female. Who are addicted to money, drugs and violence which in the end devalue the lives of the youth. I would 100% recommend for all to read the book I tried my best to give you the best overview without telling you the plots and twist. I couldn’t put this book down and I know many of my friends who read this novel and have felt the same. It took me 10 days to read it and if I’m honest, it would off been finished much sooner if I didn’t have to work.

So until next time my lovelies, I’m signing out.

Vee Chronicles


You Can Be A Dreamer But Don’t Be A Dreamer In Bed

This post is inspired by a series I’ve been watching on YouTube called ‘The Wonders Of” which was created by Danny Wonders. This episode really stood out to me, it featured personality/host named Poet. The reason it stood out to me so much that I watched this video three times.  Is simply because a couple of weeks ago I really wanted to give up. Up until this point in my life I’ve done a lot of things only to make money. Let me be totally honest with you guys it was making me lose my happiness.

img_4683I put a lot into my friends and last month I literally felt like shit. I was just taking so many L’s (loses) but I had no one to help me, hardly anyone to encourage me. I saw this meme and it really hit home for me, because that was my reality once I got back from holiday. Inevitably I withdrew.

I had a come to Jesus moment where I just had to get my shit together and figure out what would truly make me happy. When I entered this year, God spoke to me and told me this year is going to be a defining year in my womanhood. Previously I was coasting along in life doing things to make me “happy”. So I’ve vowed to myself that I need to make changes. If I don’t want to be somewhere or do something I’m not going to stay there, just because. I’m learning to believe in myself and trust in the power that I have.

In the documentary Poet said “I’m a winner…… and I’m built to win”. That hit home for me, I was like to myself ” Rahhhh Vanessa you’ve got this”. The only thing that is holding me back from doing what I love, is fear and insecurities. So let me be weary but not fearful.

Guys I’m actually really excited, I’m inspired, I’m motivated. I’m ready to step out in faith and be bold. Life is a journey and it’s okay not to know who I am but while I’m on this journey I’m gonna fucking enjoy it.  I can achieve any thing I just need to be skilled and hard-working.

So until next time my lovelies, I’m signing out.

Vee Chronicles

Wash Day Technique

I literally get asked all the time how I care for my hair and what products I use. Personally don’t like my hair as I think it’s too thin. So I continuously sought out new regimes and products to help grow or make my hair thicker. Nevertheless it’s  what God has blessed me and all my family with. We all have very soft, light but long hair. I’ve always had natural hair meaning I’ve never put any chemicals in it to make it straight. In this post ladies, I’m going to share with you what products  I use on wash day and how I do my home-made treatment masque


Wash Day

b62aedb7e3c4b5703fbecdbf68f1a796.jpg (420×420)

I shampoo my hair roughly once a month, sometimes once every two months. When my hair is out I tend to Co-wash my hair once a week. Co-washing is the shorten term for “conditioner-only washing.” It means not using shampoo and relying on conditioner. Factually un-shampooed hair retains more of its natural oils than shampooed hair. Unlike shampoo Co-washing doesn’t strip the hair.

Here are some tips for washing your hair
  • Detangle your hair beforehand
  • Always prepare your hair for wash day by sectioning your hair. This is done to ensure that your hair doesn’t tangle
  • When drying your hair squeeze out as much of the water as you can before drying. Try to avoid rubbing your hair with a towel. An old t-shirt is a great alternative

Once washed and conditioned I follow through with some essential oils and a leave in conditioner. Next I go straight to the stretching process. If my hair is feeling really dry and lifeless I will do a homemade treatment masque .

Hair Masque



1. 1/2 Avacardo…2. Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque…3. 2 tsp of Jamaican Black Castor oil…4. 2 tsp of Olive oil…5. Cling film…6. 4 hair clips…7. Heated steam carp… 8. Shower cap… 9. Wide tooth comb

Now you have your products, let’s take this step by step.
  1.  Mix products 1-4 which is listed above in a bowl
  2.  Part your hair into 4 sections, then clip it to hold it in place
  3. Dip your hand into the mix and cover each section thoroughly.
  4.  Take your wide teeth comb and comb through your hair.
  5. Cover your head in cling film. Then place your shower cap on or a heated steam cap (product 7).

Sit there for about 10 mins up to 2 hours depending on how much moisture your hair needs.Once I’ve had enough and I’m bored out of my brain I thoroughly wash my hair out section by section. At that point follow through as normal with a conditioner.

Drying/ Stretching

I do not use any form of heat on my hair. So I dry my hair by using a stretching technique.

Here’s what I do step by step:
  1. Section your hair right down the middle.
  2. Part your hair into a section. Use a hair band at the roots, then plait (I do mine into six but you can do more or less if you please)
  3.  Once you’re looking like snoop dog. Take each end of the plait and stretch it diagonally and secure the plaits with bobby pins.

Then you’re done

I hope you ladies found this post helpfully and insightful. So until next time my lovelies, I’m signing out.

Vee Chronicles

February Favourites

Am I the only one that’s addicted to Snapchat ?? One of the things I enjoy most about Snapchat is the unfiltered reviews. None of “This is a sponsored #ad” that we see on YouTube and Instagram. I feel like that I wont be getting an honest review if that particular person is getting paid for it. I prefer to look to my peers for reviews as I know it will be honest and authentic. Likewise I know people look to me to give my opinions. So I thought it would be a brilliant idea to start a new monthly series to share what I’m currently loving with my readers. So let’s get shit cracking then


1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost wipes are just simply amazing. It does what it says on the tin and keeps your skin hydrated. I have combination skin – sensitive/ oily so my skin craves moisture. But I find with wipes, they can be very drying and damaging to my skin. But not these bad boys. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost wipes have my skin feeling unquestionably fresh once I take of my Make up.

Tip: Use two wipes, then follow through with Micellar Water on a cotton pad to get rid of any extra dirt the wipes have missed.

2. The Clarisonic Brush is another beauty item I’m loving at the moment.  The joys of having combination skin is that I get spots very easily which then leaves a bloody dark mark. The Clarisonic brush does wonders, it removes extra dirt that make up wipes can’t get too. I noticed a huge change in the appearance of skin. My make up sits much better after using the Clarisonic brush. What was even mad, was that the next day I was getting compliments on how fresh I looked. Yep, I think I’ve found a gem.

3. Tom Ford Velvet Orchid has actually surprised me. I’ve never been a big fan of Tom Ford perfumes, personally I find their scents to be overpowering so I never jumped on the bandwagon. But when I tried Velvet Orchid it was right up my street. I love flowery smells. When I wear this fragrance I feel very sexy and luxurious. I also get many compliments which is a plus.

4. Burberry Foundation Fresh Glow. My lovely wife gifted me with this. At first I was like “Who even wears Burberry make up” but this foundation is actually perfect and dare I even say it the best I’ve experienced thus far. It’s lightweight with a luminous dewy finish. Which is what i look for when buying a foundation. In terms of finish, it’s not greasy and the foundation is very build-able where needed.

Tip: Where this product with a Primer (I use Kiko matte primer) it will help contain oils that your face naturally produce. So you don’t end up looking a like a wet dog. I use shade No.66